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Ms T & family
" Convenient, value for money "
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I moved to Puchong, Kuala Lumpur last year and was having trouble finding the right preschool for my 3 yo daughter. Thanks to ABCJunior I managed to shortlist 3 suitable preschools around my area within a day, visited all of them within a week and I enrolled my daughter into one of them shortly.

On top of that, they gave my child FREE try out at enrichment classes of my choice for FREE!!!
Mr K.
" No longer have to filter preschools 1 by 1"
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Before I bumped into ABCJunior, I was using Google to search for preschools and I had to filter each preschool 1 by 1 either by going through their entire website, or book a physical tour there just to learn about their fees.

I wasted like about 3 weeks before I found ABCJunior. Within a day, I managed to shorlist 2 preschools that is within my budget and requirement. Visited both of them the next day and placed my son in one of them the day after.
Ms J
"Love their platform so much!!!"
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First I was very skeptical of this platform because the founder, Jin approached me on Facebook offering his assistance to find me a credible preschool. And on top of that, he mentioned I can get FREE enrichment classes after I enrol my daughter into a preschool via ABCJunior?

I was like there must be some hidden fee or something. But there isn't! HAHAHA. Now my boy gets to try out Taekwondo and swimming lessons for free.
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