Here’s 4 tips on how to find the right enrichment classes for your child



Enrichment classes are learning experiences that goes beyond a traditional classroom. It teaches a child – Grit, patience, critical thinking and many more.

Hence, it plays a huge role in the growing up phase of a child. Particularly within the age of 2 – 12.

That being said, it doesn’t do your child any good if you just place him/her into any enrichment classes you “find it good”. You see, when it comes to enrichment classes, most parents would enrol their child into programmes they would like their child to partake in; but never think about what their child needs instead.

Well worry not, as this article is going to guide you to do just that – how to pair your child with the right enrichment classes for them.  While of course, taking care of your wallet!

Without further ado, let’s go!

Tip #1 : Know your child's strength & weaknesses

In order to pair them up to enrichment classes that suit them, you must first know what they need. Below is a table we created that would help you further analyse your child’s current status.
Weaknesses Suitable enrichment classes
Lack of confidence Drama, public speaking, speech
Lack of critical thinking skills Chess, coding, robotic, science experiment
Lack of discipline Swimming, sport classes
Lack of passion towards learning Music, art classes, bakery, pottery, book club
Lack of financial literacy Financial management classes
Of course, it’s very important that you know how to identify your child’s strength and weaknesses beforehand. You may refer to this article here ” type of strengths in kids by understood.org if you need further assistance on understanding your child better. You can even talk to their teachers in school for more information. On top of that, it is also very important that your child is having fun at all times. That’s how you get them to learn while enjoying the process.

Tip #2 : Identify enrichment classes providers that are trustworthy

Do you know ? Unregistered and unverified providers, preschool and childcare centres are in large numbers in Malaysia. It’s a huge issue.  Not being registered means that the authority have zero knowledge on the state of the premise. There could be a issues in hygience, fire prevention and building safety. And what about the quality of the programme and teachers? Hence, when it comes to putting your child in an enrichment class, please also do make sure that the provider is fully registered with the authorities and is verified. One easy way to do that is to survey enrichment classes via ABCJunior.com – Malaysia’s 1st Discovery Platform for Early Years providers. All the providers on our platform are carefully handpicked by the team and we have a strict onboarding process for these providers before we add them onto our platform. So you can have a peace of mind when you’re doing your survey on our site.
Start by creating a FREE account. Your child’s future is in your hands.

Tip #3 : Sign up for trial classes and get feedback from your child

Nothing is better than FREE trial classes. Because it allows you to take a glimpse into how actual classes are conducted and obtain feedback from your child on how he/she feels about the class.

Of course, with how the economy is going nowadays, FREE trial classes don’t actually mean 100% FREE. It simply means that parents can place their child into 1 class at minimum fee, and no obligation to sign up later.

You can also find those providers offering FREE trial classes at minimum fee on our platform. On the day of the trial class itself, make sure to stay as long as you can to observe your child’s interaction with the teacher as well as other peers attending the class. 

Being engaging, active and happy during the course of the class are all positive signs that your child love and find this enrichment class suitable. 

Other than observing your child, you should also take the opportunity to talk to the teacher after the class. This would give you an initial takeaway of the character overall. 

Tip #4 : Ask other parents for a 2nd opinion

When in doubt, ask. And there’s no one better to ask – than another parent. A parent would know what you’re going through as well as your doubts and concerns on various areas of childcare/ education and so on. Hence, if you have concerns, post for help! We have a Facebook group where we allow members to social around as well as exchange views. If this is what you’re looking for, head over to MECCE- Malaysia Early Childhood Care & Education group for more info. 


There’s a saying in Mandarin – 天下父母心都一樣。 It simply means that all parents would want to provide the best they could afford to their child. Often parents opt not to send their children to enrichment classes due to cost as well as several other factors. But remember parents – 

Enrichment classes don’t have to be expensive; It just have to be the right one for your child. 

If you ever need any help surveying Early Years providers for your child, you can always get in touch with us and our consultancy team is always ready to help you out for FREE. That’s it for this article, and if you like it, do share with your friends or on your own social media. 

See you next round!